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IHRSA Passport Program and TrainAway

IHRSA Passport Program and TrainAway

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Traveling for the holidays? Don’t miss a workout with the IHRSA Passport Program and TrainAway

Are you traveling this holiday season and looking for a way to keep up your fitness routine? We can help. Merritt Clubs has partnered with IHRSA and TrainAway to help you access fitness clubs all over the world, at the touch of a button.

Stay on track during the holiday season

As we move towards the end of the year, it’s good to look back and reflect on everything you’ve achieved in 2019. Sometimes we need to just stop and think where we were this time last year, and it can be uplifting to think about the progress we’ve made. It’s also the time to think about new goals and challenges, so we can continue to move forward.

Like many of us, you might be leaving town to spend the holidays with family or friends. It’s a great time to slow down a little and enjoy life’s simple pleasures, whether that’s great food and drink or just spending time with loved ones. At the same time, it’s important to be mindful of your physical condition – a few days of eating and drinking without exercise can quickly escalate.

Keep up your routine, even when you’re traveling

Take care not to undermine all of the hard work you’ve been putting in during the rest of the year. It’s always difficult to avoid weight gain during this time, and if you’re not exercising, you’ll find that cardiovascular fitness and muscular strength can quickly decrease. Such a cycle can lead to a horrible January, spent working hard through the cold winter days and nights just to return to the level you were before the holidays.

Don’t let traveling stop you working out this holiday season – and we’re here to help. Merritt Clubs partnership with IHRSA and TrainAway will help you access quality fitness clubs even if you’re away from your usual club. That way you’ll be able to keep up your routine, despite being away from home. Even if it’s only a couple of workouts per week, it’ll make all the difference when January comes.

Access over 1300 clubs worldwide

Through the partnership we’re able to offer members an effortless way to get into health clubs around the world. There are more than 1300 clubs available, spanning 49 US States, from New York City and Washington DC to Las Vegas and Los Angeles. You can also access hundreds of clubs in Asia-Pacific, Europe and Canada.

Merritt Clubs’ participation in the IHRSA Passport Program allows members to receive discounted access to participating clubs via the TrainAway digital platform.

Additionally, anyone traveling to Baltimore and the surrounding area can book an affordable day pass to Merritt Clubs through TrainAway.

How does it work?

Just follow these simple steps to get started. Before doing so be sure to ask a Merritt Clubs employee for our Passport invitation code, which will allow you to experience the TrainAway app as a Passport user, and to save 25% on the price of a one-day pass at Passport clubs.

  1. Download the free TrainAway app and enter the invitation code when setting up your profile.
  2. Search for a club in the area where you are traveling and purchase a one-day pass.
  3. When you arrive at the club to work out, activate the pass on your phone and show the front desk.
  4. Enjoy your workout!

Make this your fittest holiday season yet – head to to get started.