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bodypump 2019We’re kicking off one of my favorite times of year – Les Mills Launch Week (I might even argue that it’s better than Christmas)!  Each quarter we receive a new release with brand new music and moves that we get to present for our members to keep our classes fresh.  What makes it more exciting is that we get to team teach and work with some of our other fabulous Merritt instructors who we don’t get to see on a regular basis and who can spice up the experience and bring a little extra energy for our members.

This quarter, I am so excited to bring BODYPUMP 108 to our Merritt members!  And to kick off our BODYPUMP challenge (details on that below)!  I have been a BODYPUMP instructor since 2010 and BODYPUMP 108 will be my 33rd BODYPUMP release.  I love the evolution of this program and where it has progressed over the years I have been teaching.  I also love the transformational power of muscular endurance training, both physically and mentally.

BODYPUMP is a great program to add to any fitness routine.  It is designed to increase strength and to help build long, lean muscle.  BODYPUMP helps to make weight training accessible and even fun for a wide-ranging audience.  When I first experienced BODYPUMP, I was strictly a gym rat – I only lifted heavy on the floor and did cardio on machines.  When I first tried BODYPUMP, it introduced me to a whole different way to challenge my body and my fitness.  BODYPUMP has also changed my body – together with a varied fitness routine and a well-balanced meal plan, I am in the best shape of my life thus far!  There are so many benefits to this program and with engaging instructors, good music, and a great group of people sweating with you – it truly is FUN!

BODYPUMP is great for beginners because of the coaching you receive and the repetitiveness of the movements we do in class.  While there are constant innovations to keep our bodies and minds guessing and growing, there is also a familiarity in the movements so that someone with no lifting experience can quickly get acclimated to the class.

BODYPUMP is a challenge for experienced lifters because it is different than traditional weight floor lifting.  It focuses on muscular endurance to build strength and muscle using low weights and high reps.  It is a great partner to a normal, heavy lifting routine and can be a good addition to create balance in training as well as to help move through a plateau or a stall in a fitness routine.

If you have not yet experienced BODYPUMP, we hope you will be able to join us for our official BODYPUMP 108 launch on Saturday, January 12th (check Motion Vibe for the schedule at your home club) and we hope you will sign up for our BODYPUMP Challenge!

bodypumpconnect4The BODYPUMP Challenge will run from January 12th – February 28th.  To track progress, we have created a modified “Connect 4” board to encourage members who have never tried BODYPUMP to step into the studio and try a new program and for our experienced BODYPUMP members to perhaps try and new instructor or try one of the express formats of the program or even just bring a friend to their favorite class!  Each time members “connect 4” they will receive a raffle entry into a drawing for some super fun prizes!