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Safe Strength Training for Seniors with Osteoporosis at Merritt Athletic Clubs

Safe Strength Training for Seniors with Osteoporosis at Merritt Athletic Clubs

Walking by itself may not be enough to fight osteoporosis, but strength training at a qualified fitness center like Merritt Athletic Clubs can help you to protect your bones. Exercise intensity is key for seniors who are concerned about avoiding fractures.

As we age, we become more vulnerable to osteoporosis characterized by thinning bones that can break from a minor fall or even just from sneezing. Fortunately, strength training is a proven way to increase bone mass and improve your sense of balance.

The advantage of working out at a state of the art fitness center is that you have our trained staff at your service. You can also feel more secure using equipment and facilities that are well maintained. On top of the tangible elements, there is the social support from gym mates and staff cheering you on.

If you already have symptoms of osteoporosis, talk with your health team. Your doctor can recommend an individual program that takes your condition into account. Targeted exercises and lifestyle changes can slow down the deterioration of your bones or even turn back the clock on some of the effects. These are some general safety tips to remember:

Know the 3 hot spots for osteoporosis: The bones most vulnerable to breaking are wrists, hips, and spines. Spinal fractures called compressions are the most common injury.

Firm up your core: Work on your posture and engage your abs during exercises. A strong midsection helps to protect your back.

Enhance your balance: Classes like yoga and Tai Chi can make you steadier on your feet.

Wear wrist straps: Wrist straps help you hang onto weights if your grip is weak.

Ask your doctor about exercises to avoid: Your physician may advise against certain moves like forward bends. Do not worry. There will probably be lots of fun activities you can enjoy.

Contact us to learn more about Merritt Athletic Clubs. We offer fitness programs for all ages and all kinds of fitness goals.