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Should You Wear Gloves When WOrking Out?

Should You Wear Gloves When WOrking Out?


There have been tons of studies done to research the effects of wearing gloves on single-arm grip strength, leg lifting, and hand grip strength. In a study by Zhao and company, they found that there was no significant difference in leg lifting strength comparing participants who do or do not wear gloves. Also, a study performed by Kinoshita and company researched the effects of rubber and cotton gloves on lifting and holding tasks. The research has found that being able to maintain control with light weights would be best with rubber gloves instead of cotton gloves.

Reviewing just a bit of the information, the research (from what we found) does not signify any significant change or advantage in the ability to perform lifting or carrying tasks. So all in all, there may only be a subjective preference on the effect that wearing gloves would have on an individual.

Base your decision on what suits you the best because the research, so far, does not show that there is any mechanical and/or tensile advantage to wearing gloves. My personal preference on gloves is that there is no benefit to wearing them. If something is hard on your hands, that’s good. Building up some calluses on your hands is like building calluses on your mind. A strong mind builds a strong body – work to be a better you.

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Derek McClendon B.S., NASM – CPT, PES is a Fitness Team Lead at Merritt Clubs White Marsh.