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Staying Active With Limitations or Injuries

Staying Active With Limitations or Injuries

bigstock-Travel-In-Fall-And-Autumn-Conc-320869840Staying active and fit is not just for the top athletes in prime shape. Whether you have a physical limitation which reduces the amount of time you can walk or a recent or chronic injury preventing you from moving at your max, there are still ways for you to squeeze in those walks. The key to exercising when you have a limitation or injury is to not overdo anything. Stay within your limitations by taking short walks and listening to your body. By heeding to the following suggestions, you will be able to stay fit and active through your recovery by taking short walks throughout the day.

  1. Walk at work. It may not seem like much but taking just a ten-minute stroll around your workplace after you eat your lunch can get your metabolism going so you can better utilize your food to fuel your body and burn calories. And, depending on your pace, you can get up to 1,000 steps in that time!
  2. Walk at the grocery store. You may not think of grocery shopping as exercise, but you are probably taking upwards of a few hundred steps. A fun way to get a quick burst of walking in is to do a lap around the outer aisles of the store before you start your shopping.
  3. Plan a quick route near home. Stepping outside for some fresh air during the day can do wonders for your mood. Plan a quick route you can easily do at home, either in the morning before work or a few times per day on the days you are home. Something as easy as a walk to the end of the block or around your neighborhood will get the blood flowing and the steps counting.
  4. Walk around your house. A fun challenge you can do while spending the day at home is to get up and do a lap around the inside or outside of your house in between TV show episodes. This sets you up to accomplish small amounts, multiple times per day, kind of like interval training. Plus, you get the rest you need for your injury or other physical limitation.
  5. Meet in the middle. Do you have a favorite coffee shop or lunch place nearby? Meet a friend there by either walking from home or parking a short distance away and walking the rest. Enjoy your time together by taking a rest and grabbing a latte, then walk back for two short walks in one go! The rest break in the middle combined with the social interaction will keep you interested in getting out there.

There are many ways to stay active, even if you are unable to take long walks at first. Make sure you always consult your doctor before picking up a new fitness routine and work together with them to ensure your safety and maximum benefit. Never be afraid to take it slow. By listening to your body and moving within your current limitations you will be able to stay active and reach your step goals. Contact us for more information on how our services can help you.