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Strengthening Your Mindset and Practicing Gratitude in Order to Stay Fit

Strengthening Your Mindset and Practicing Gratitude in Order to Stay Fit

bigstock-Attitude-of-Gratitude-sign-wit-97097381We all want to have strong bodies — strong legs, strong glutes, a strong core, a strong upper body, and strong arms – but what we also have to focus on is having a strong mind.  A healthy and strong mindset is what will ultimately help us strengthen our bodies in a sustainable manner. 

A strong mindset will help us hold ourselves accountable to putting in the work that is necessary to achieving the fitness results that we desire.  We have to be willing to take accountability for the workouts that we skip.  We have to be willing to take accountability for the excuses and stories that we tell ourselves as to why we didn’t put in the work in the gym all week.  At the end of the day, it’s on us to put in the work to become physically and mentally fit.  We have to listen to and read content that helps our minds evolve, and we have to put in the time to exercise and strengthen our bodies.

It’s true that we can’t always control everything in our lives, but what we can control is the way we react to situations and how we think about them moving forward.  Everything we want in life takes hard work.  We may go through situations during life that set us back physically and mentally, but we have to get back on track as soon as possible.  Something that helps me stay motivated to get my workouts in is practicing gratitude.  I might not always want to put in the time to exercise, but when I remind myself that I’m grateful to be alive, and that I’m grateful for having the physical ability to actually workout (something that not everybody is lucky enough to say), then the fire inside me burns even more to workout.  I don’t take anything in life for granted.  I’m able to shift my mindset to a place of gratitude, and I’m able to motivate myself and hold myself accountable for getting my workouts in on a consistent basis.


Get rid of that “someday” mentality and start holding yourself accountable.  If you need help with accountability, reach out to the staff at Merritt Clubs.  We’re here to help you achieve the results that you desire.  The time is always right to start working out consistently.  Cheers to your health and fitness journey!

Dan Sclar is a Programs and Kids Club Director at Merritt Clubs Towson.