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Struggling to Go Work Out at the Gym?

Struggling to Go Work Out at the Gym?


We’ve all been there: The gym bag is packed, sneaks are right there waiting but the alarm goes off and we hit “snooze” and then snooze again because we could always just go after work instead of before work, right?  Then it’s finally “after work” and we’re hungry, tired, impatient, and ready to hit the couch instead of the weight rack.

Sometimes, the hardest part of the battle is heading to the gym. Especially during winter when it’s so cold and a more enticing scenario is staying home under a warm blanket watching Netflix. But let’s face it–once we’re at the gym, our bodies know what to do and every time we do it, we get a little stronger, we feel a little better. So, why is it worth it to make yourself get through that door? Because we’re human and sometimes context is everything.

A lot of people got used to working out at home out of necessity during the height of the pandemic. Many looked for fitness equipment they could use at home or found new ways to move throughout the day so that they didn’t lose muscle mass and motivation. But how many body weight exercises and office chair dips can one do before it becomes boring? How many times do you have to smack a dumbbell on a floor joist in the basement before you resign yourself to the fact that fitness spaces are designed for, well, getting fit?

Here are a few reasons why you should head on out to the gym.

1. The awesome gym atmosphere

When you’re working out at home, it can be hard to get motivated. Most of us struggle with self-motivation and need an extra push to achieve our fitness goals. When you step foot inside the gym, all other parts of life disappear, allowing you to focus on yourself. Just being inside a gym environment can be motivating, making it an ideal place to work out.

2. Equipment

With home workouts, you’re limited as to what equipment you can use. Maybe you don’t have a dedicated fitness room and don’t have space, or maybe your budget is tight. A gym gives you access to practically all of the equipment you need for any workout. Gym equipment is big, heavy, and expensive. At home, it might be reasonable to own a treadmill or stationary bike and a couple of weights. At the gym you get access to so much more, allowing you to mix up your routine whenever you like.

3. Programs and classes

The gym not only offers a place for you to complete your workout, but it also offers a place to be fit with others. Whether it be one-on-one or small group sessions with trainers, specialized programs, or group fitness classes. Figuring out what the best workout for your body is can be hard on your own, but going to the gym and participating in classes can help you feel a little less lost.

There are many effective ways to get fit at home, but your gym is designed for fitness. It’s literally built for that purpose. It’s easy to see why you’d rather get your sweat on in a space where someone else mops the floor at the end of the night than getting sweat on your own couch! There’s something reassuring about routine and being in the proper space with all the right equipment–maybe even some pals who want to work out alongside you–that makes it worth your while to get through that door.  Everything you could possibly need to accomplish your fitness goals is right there in the same building, you just have to make yourself go inside.