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Thinking About Making a New Year’s Resolution? Don’t.

Thinking About Making a New Year’s Resolution? Don’t.

bigstock--201478735.jpgBeginning to think about a New Year’s Resolution? Are you resolving to lose weight, declutter your home, eat clean, exercise more, quit smoking, learn a new language? Are you setting the bar higher than ever, knowing that this year will bring the changes you desire? If so, how will this year be different? Are the changes you’re resolving to make realistic? Can you REALLY live without carbs? This year, why not try something else…what about NOT making a resolution?

Google “New Year’s Resolutions” and notice how many results you get…over 24 million! According to Dr. Stephen Graef, a sports psychologist at the Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center, most people have a toxic relationship with the term “New Year’s Resolution.” And, it’s this toxic relationship that sets us up for failure. Between 50-80% of people are ultimately not going to be able to follow through.

Think about it. How many times have you made a resolution, only to find that by the end of January (or sooner) it’s fallen by the wayside? What if, this year, instead of making a resolution, you simply change your expectations?

Start by being honest with yourself. Are you making a resolution because it’s what’s expected? Find something that speaks to your core, that’s meaningful and personal, and follow it. If you’re making a resolution simply because someone else is, you’re not listening to your own voice.

Change the timing. It’s great that you want to make changes in your life. But, why does it have to happen starting January 1? Instead, use the new year as a time for reflection on things you’d like to work on throughout the year.

Pare it down. Rather than setting a huge unattainable goal, ration it out into smaller portions. Mentally, it is much easier to hit the small goals and move forward rather than looking directly into the sun. As each smaller goal is met, positive reinforcement renews the commitment and keeps you motivated.

Practice self-care. Whatever your goals, whatever your expectations, whatever steps you take towards meeting them, be sure to reward yourself with a pat on the back (or whatever makes you happy). It’s way too easy to get down on ourselves, so any step in the right direction deserves acknowledgement.

Finally, think about the new year as just what it is: a new year. A chance to begin anew. A feeling of freedom from the last year and from the stresses of the holidays. An opportunity to listen to what’s deep within your heart and then to follow those dreams.



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