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Three Reasons to Use a Personal Trainer

Three Reasons to Use a Personal Trainer


There are many reasons to hire a Personal Trainer. You might want to lose weight or put on some muscle. It could be your first time setting foot in a gym or you need to shake up your years-old routine. Everyone can use a little help sometimes. Here are 3 reasons why you should get a trainer:

1. Expertise

Here at Merritt, our trainers are the best in the business. That means in addition to being nationally certified, each of our trainers is passionate about helping people crush their goals and they are always growing their toolbox to better serve you. You already know that your trainer will coach your technique, making workouts safe and effective, but did you know trainers do much more?  Your personal trainer is a “fitness librarian” who can help cut through the heaps of health and fitness information getting churned out every day, so that you know which sources you can trust. You’ll also have access to their wealth of skills and experience put to work in creating a fitness strategy designed just for you. Merritt’s trainers are experts in their field, see for yourself!

2. Accountability

It’s easy to say you’ll set and meet your fitness goals. But then you have to stay late at work, or you have to drop the kids off at practice, or your commute gets thrown off by traffic. In other words, life happens and it’s easier and easier to fall out of your healthy habits and harder and harder to stay committed to hitting the gym. But the good news is you can increase your chances of completing a goal by up to 95% by having a plan and a partner holding you accountable. Personal trainers at Merritt are ready to do more than craft an effective and personalized workout for you. Making a social and monetary investment in personal training is by far the most effective method of turning a plan into a habit and your goals into reality.

3. That little something extra

Fitness means more at Merritt Clubs and you get just that with a personal trainer. You might find a workout from a magazine or website, but you’ll only get a science-based personalized program from a personal trainer. You can find motivation from a great song or snappy Instagram post, but true accountability comes from deep within yourself and is nurtured by passionate professionals who work hard to see you succeed. You might doubt yourself, second guess your own goals and abilities and even want to throw in the towel. But a personal trainer knows you not just as a client, but as a person and will always encourage you to keep working hard, keep improving, and keep coming back.

Everyone can benefit from the guidance, accountability and personal touch of a trainer. You can get yours at