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Three Simple Things: Strong, Lean and Fit

Three Simple Things: Strong, Lean and Fit


We all know that when you work out or move, you feel better.  You act better and you simply are better.  So this spring let’s get moving and keep moving.

Whether you are just starting out on the new lifestyle to success or already adopted it and are in good shape but want to take it to the next level, the three mantras below can impact your success.

Strong – yes you want to be strong in all you do.  Both mentally as well as physically.  Strong people are more self-assured; more confident and simply get more accomplished.

Lean – being healthy means you live lean.  Not a tremendous amount of clutter in your life, not a lot of unaccomplished dreams.  A healthy body weight and fat percentage, how you eat as well as what you eat.  Being lean means you’re free to move and have fun.  It means you look and feel your best.

Fit – aligned with a strong body and mind, being lean and healthy makes one fit.  It also means everything in your life clicks and fits together nicely.  It means your health is optimized, your life is in a great place, and your results and feeling show it.

All the above can be enhanced or taken one level up by following what Epictetus the ancient stoic philosopher said are the 3 C’s to happiness:

  • Control what you can
  • Cope with what you can’t
  • Concentrate on what counts

In the clubs you can take this to mean:

You can control your workouts – include some resistance training, some cardio work, stretching and most of all recovery.  You can also control what you eat and drink in and outside the clubs, thus impacting your results.  Feed your body proper exercise, nutrition and most of all thoughts and let your body soar.

You can’t control other people or their moods, the weather, traffic.  So you must learn to cope with the wonder of the ups and downs of life.  Remember you can always control your feelings and reactions.  It’s a choice to take the road less traveled.

Lastly concentrate on what counts.  That means you and your life.  Don’t worry about things that 30 days, 3 months or even 3 days from now won’t even matter.

Focus your time and energy this spring on YOU and becoming the best version of yourself.  You will feel stronger, leaner and fitter than you ever have before.  Your happiness will soar and so will your life.