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Top 3 Reasons Boxing Should be Part of Your Workout Routine

Top 3 Reasons Boxing Should be Part of Your Workout Routine


As an exercise, boxing is gaining popularity. People who box for fitness frequently use a punching bag to avoid physical contact that might cause concussions and other injuries. And this type of workout has many benefits.

According to Jessica Mathews, an exercise physiologist for the American Council on Exercise, boxing is a two-for-one cardio and strength workout that enhances overall fitness. “Boxing improves a number of skill-related parameters of fitness, including balance, coordination, reactivity, and agility,” she explains.

Below are some benefits of boxing for fitness:

It Relieves Stress

When working out on the punching bag, the brain produces more endorphins, chemicals that make you feel good. Punching decreases muscular tension that builds up because of stress.

As you continue to punch, you notice that your focus improves, your attention improves, and you will forget why you have been stressed.

IT Improves Balance and Coordination in Runners

According to Christina Cunningham, studio manager at Jabz Boxing in Drexel Hill, Pennsylvania, boxing is a full-body workout. She adds that it has been proved to develop mental strength, muscular stature, and mobility. These are all components of a well-rounded fitness program.

The aerobic and strength-based exercise, which involves sparring with a competitor and punching a heavy bag, improves your balance, agility, and coordination.

IT Helps with Weight Loss

Boxing has been demonstrated to reduce body fat and improve general body composition. More than other exercises, such as brisk walking.

In a 60-minute workout, a 68-kilogram person can burn 390–558 calories or more if you include conditioning workouts. The quantity of calories burned varies depending on the effort level and whether you’re hitting a bag or sparring.

Boxing training is a type of workout that simulates the actions of boxing. It incorporates punching footwork and evasive motion.

It can help you lose weight, enhance your heart health, body composition, and strength, and lower your blood pressure. Want to learn more about boxing as an exercise? Contact us for more information or to try a session.