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Vacation Planning: Tips for Staying Fit

Vacation Planning: Tips for Staying Fit

bigstock-Portrait-of-a-happy-woman-with-49057169.jpgOkay so you booked your time off for your well-deserved and much anticipated vacation.  However, you’re a committed and devoted exerciser. So how do you keep going while away and not let your vacation sidetrack all your hard work this year?

First off it’s just as important to plan your fitness as much as you do your vacation.  Here are a few tips or tactics to assist you this year:

  1. If possible book a house rental or suite where they have a refrigerator, stove, microwave, etc. This way you can choose to eat at home and avoid the larger servings and deep fried foods of summer hot spots (think fries, pizza and all the fastfoods).  Usually we gain weight because it’s easier to grab these foods and their serving sizes are double what we may normally eat.
  2. Look ahead to find a local gym you can get a workout in. While a lot of hotels today have fitness centers, they are small and at best minimal. So ensure you can get in, get on your equipment and get your fit on.
  3. Bring your workouts outdoors. Vacations provide opportunity for some new fun workouts. Things like riding bikes on the boardwalk, walking along the shorelines, hiking the mountains, doing yoga pool side, etc.  There are numerous options – just choose one and do it.
  4. Limit alcohol. These are calorie monsters and will add the weight at accelerated rates.  Most people drink their calories, however, when we drink we crave more so we eat more.  This compounds the impact.  Also, with the heat, be careful with your intake as it will dehydrate you faster and affect your body.  Reach for water, stay cool, enjoy your company and have fun.
  5. Get involved. If you’ll be at the beach, there is sure to be a volleyball game, frisbee toss or other fun beach activity. Get up and play.  It’s a great way to burn calories, meet new people and have a great time.

These are just the tip of the needle in what you can do this vacation season.  The key is to plan ahead, ask your trainer for tips, get up and move, do it with family or friends and, most of all, have fun.