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Ways to Ensure Morning Workouts Happen

Ways to Ensure Morning Workouts Happen

how_to_wake_up_earlier.jpgIf your new habit is to start waking up early so you can get your workout in, but you’re not a morning person, load up the coffeemaker the night before and set out your work clothes in advance. This makes actually getting up a little less upsetting because half of the morning routine is already completed. Removing some of the pain and obstacles makes it easier to stick to your plan.

Another trick is to place that dread alarm clock away from your bed ; doing so forces you to get up and start moving.  The key for you is to just get going. It takes time to break the habits and chains of the past.  However the new you is strong and capable.  This is your year let nothing stand in your way.


Post by:

Mark Miller

Vice President

Merritt Athletic Clubs