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social_distance_fort_2020_392We are creatures of community. We exist together. We break bread together. We build together. And, in the arena of fitness that matters, we sweat together. When it comes to group fitness, nothing can replace the camaraderie of tearing into a workout in a space filled with the energy of shared goals as people strive to become their healthier and stronger selves.

Everyone knows that exercise is paramount to a healthier lifestyle, and yet, out of the millions of people who sign up for gym memberships, statistics show that an astounding 67% never use them. This is why group fitness, more than ever, is a thriving and excellent platform for overcoming the barrier that often keeps gym members from coming back: loss of motivation.

Like anything else in fitness, motivation requires endurance and ongoing commitment; with group fitness, there is truly strength in numbers. Being a part of a team has a way of pushing your accountability to the next level. When you work shoulder-to-shoulder with others, the community kinship propels you. Showing up to your group fitness class makes you a part of a team where you find pride and connection in your own participation of the whole. Excuses are harder to execute because you have a support system that drives you to own up to the work that marks the road to being a better you.

Group fitness also offers structure, which makes it easier for gym goers to channel their motivation towards a rewarding and engaging environment. Struggling to find your groove in a gym is overwhelming and intimidating, which is a drain on your will power. However, group fitness does away with the awkwardness and indecision. Just show up, water bottle in hand, and let the instructors take the guesswork out of it for you. This allows you to focus your entire energy on making every minute of your workout matter.

So, if you find yourself looking for the passion and grit to make fitness an important part of a life that really matters to you, contact us. See how group fitness has what it takes to be your support, your motivator, and your go-to source for a workout that makes you want to show up, finish strong, and keep coming back.