“I’m going to the gym,” you tell yourself. “Isn’t that good enough?”

While you certainly deserve applause for gym attendance, a personal trainer can only add to your exercise experience in ways you may not have even considered. These can make the time you do spend in the gym more rewarding and worthwhile.

Proper Form and Technique

Even those who are longtime athletes or gym fanatics can have difficulty with achieving and maintaining proper form during the entirety of an exercise. This is for the obvious reason that you cannot see yourself from all angles to ensure you are doing an exercise properly, even with the help of a mirror. If you’re not lowering your legs to ninety degrees during your squats, you are cheating your muscles out of the full benefits of the exercise. Even if you think you’re squatting low enough, the angle you are seeing yourself from is deceiving. Doing these exercises improperly can be discouraging and a misuse of your invaluable gym time. Not to mention, doing exercises improperly can lead to serious injury, which brings us to the second point.

Decreased Risk of Injury

Performing exercises incorrectly can lead to injury. Once a muscle has been injured, it opens the door for further injuries down the road to it and the surrounding muscles that are compromised by the imbalance injury creates. A personal trainer helps you avoid these injuries by ensuring that you are doing exercises properly with the correct weight, as well as spotting more difficult exercises such as chest presses and especially decline chest presses, which are extremely dangerous to do without a spotter.

Specialized and Personal Routines

Many personal trainers specialize in different types of exercise and certain clientele, or hold certifications such as weight loss specialization or women’s fitness. Their knowledge can help you find a routine that is right for your body and what you plan on achieving. With just the right workout, you can rest assured that every minute you spend in the gym is getting you closer to your goals.


One of the most tried and true methods for remaining motivated and sticking with a workout includes involving another person who can hold you accountable and keep you inspired. A personal trainer accomplishes just this, which is one of the many reason that people with personal trainers find it easier to persevere with an exercise plan—skipping the gym is harder when you have already scheduled to meet with someone there.

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