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Why Your Child Needs to Take Swim Lessons

Why Your Child Needs to Take Swim Lessons


As summer approaches, you should start preparing for those lake, beach, and swimming pool days out with your child. Besides fancy swimwear, you also need to ensure your child can swim well independently.

While it’s easier to opt to teach your child to swim by yourself, expert help is usually paramount. The Consumer Product Safety Commission indicated that drowning is a leading cause of unintended death in kids. Such statistics show how essential professional swimming lessons are to kids.

Here are some benefits of taking swim lessons:

1. Enhanced safety

Formal swimming lessons will help your child learn safer and more effective swimming strokes and essential water safety methods like water treading and floating. One U.S research reported that swim lessons reduced drowning by 88% for 1 to 4-year-old kids.

2. Promotes fitness and improves strength

Learning various swimming techniques will improve your child’s motor skills and coordination. It can help them grow strong and maintain their fitness throughout their life.

3. Boosts confidence and social development 

Usually, swimming lessons include groups of children learning together in a social and fun environment. Such settings help boost their confidence and social skills, allowing them to learn how to work together, relate with different people, and learn acceptable behavior in water.

4. Learn lifelong skills

Kids are faster at learning different swimming skills than adults. Taking your child to swim lessons will give you peace of mind knowing they’re safe while in the water. These skills can also help them be world premier or competitive swimmers in the future.

5. It’s fun

Swimming is an outdoor activity children enjoy a lot, especially when they meet with their peers and swim together. Most swimming clubs will have multiple instructors to teach and watch over every child to ensure they’re safe.

Swim lessons will help your child learn to swim effectively and improve their well-being. Our Aquatics programs offer quality, customized, and safe solo and group swim lessons for all kids. Check out the Michael Phelps Swim School if you are interested in enrolling your child for swim lessons so they can make the most out of this summer.