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merritt_swim_1911-7Most kids stay active throughout the summer, as the sun is out and the weather is warm. When the winter months come around, many kids tend to get lazy and are not as active. This can result in some serious health issues. With flu season among us, it is important to stay healthy and encourage fitness year round. Read on for some tips on how to keep your kids active in the winter.

Seek Indoor Activities

When the weather is too cold to get outdoors, find some indoor activities. We have a variety of indoor programs for kids of all ages to enjoy, including the Kids Club, swim lessons, and other various classes. Seek activities outside of the gym too! Bowling and skating offer a great opportunity for family fun, and keep kids active.

Explore Your Neighborhood

The winter is a great season to explore local museums or other kid friendly businesses. Find something family friendly that interests you. Chances are, you’ll get a little exercise while exploring, and your kids will likely learn something new. Aquariums and museums can be fun and exciting, and will likely require at least a little movement.

On Warmer Days, Get Outside

Even during the winter, there are some warmer days. When the weather is mild, get outdoors! The fresh air and sunshine can do wonders for your health and mood. Bundle up and go for a walk, or find an ice skating rink. Families can also dress warm and visit a local park for some exercise and fun. Even if there is snow on the ground, take advantage. Go sledding, skiing, or simply have a snowball fight.

Find Activities Around the House

If you’re snowed in, don’t fret. Find activities to do around the house! While too much screen time is not beneficial for children, there are some video games that will get them moving – which are great for colder days.  Other activities such as hide and seek, or anything that requires kids to move around is another good idea during times when you’re stuck indoors.

Don’t let the winter bring you down! Have some fun, and get creative. And if you’re already planning for the summer, how about signing your child up for our Camps program?