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24 Hour Gyms Provide a Cure for the Crowded Gym

24 Hour Gyms Provide a Cure for the Crowded Gym

Yes, you still have a little time before the New Year, but it couldn’t hurt to beat the crowd and start looking into 24 hour gyms. Maybe you are the type who thrives on the camaraderie and activity of a busy gym. On the other hand, a gym that is open all the time may suit you better if you like to exercise when it is more quiet.

Many people make New Year resolutions to lose weight and exercise more so that can mean more traffic on the gym floor. Still, there is no reason we can’t all get a great workout in January or at any peak time.

Obviously, 24 hour gyms are one solution. Instead of always working out right after office hours, you can vary your schedule. Lunch hours, early mornings and late nights are all options. Weekend mornings may be especially appealing because it is a time when a lot of people tend to sleep in.

While you are at it, there are a few more strategies you can use to help you shape up even if someone else is using your favorite cardio machine. If you usually do your thing by yourself, try signing up for a class so your session will be planned for you and you will not have to be concerned about any interruptions.

High intensity interval training and full body movements are another excellent way to get more results in less time. Imagine cutting your usual one hour sessions down to 20 or 30 minutes while you become even fitter than ever. Naturally, being flexible also helps. Take the opportunity to experiment with a machine you normally overlook. You may discover that you like rowing machines after all.

Enjoy your holidays and get ready to make the coming New Year healthier and happier. Contact us for 24 hour gyms conveniently located throughout the Baltimore area including the Downtown Athletic Club, Buckingham, Canton, Cranbrook and Owings Mills.