Just Get Up

Whether you are still in your warm, cozy bed and hesitant to get up for your morning run or you just finished a long work day sitting at your desk for eight hours, you might be feeling too lethargic to get that exercise in. If that five-mile run seems daunting, then start out just by getting up out of bed or that chair and moving around. Do a few stretches and take some deep breaths. These little activities will have you feeling worlds better and give you that second wind you need to start and finish a run.

Take Time to Read

It may not make sense to do a sedentary activity such as reading a book to get the inspiration you need for a run. But you should stock up on inspirational stories and biographies of accomplished people and take notes on their fitness strategies. You will be inspired by their lives and get that extra kick you need to go for a jog or head to the gym.

Have the Right Gear

Perhaps part of what is deterring you from running is not having the proper gear. This could be stunting your inspiration without you even noticing. Ensure you have comfortable running shoes and workout clothes to keep you pain-free on your run. And having a little music to jog to never hurt either.

Running can be extremenly fun and fulfilling once you get the motivation to start it off. Just imagine how beneficial this can be to your physical and mental health.

And you can even do it to help others – Merritt Clubs will have its 2nd annual Wish Race 5K Event on April 30, 2017. Why not try running to help raise funds for Make-A-Wish Mid Atlantic to bring joy to local kids?