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Diary of a Fitness Newbie: Turn Down For What?

Diary of a Fitness Newbie: Turn Down For What?

This is a continuing blog series written by Merritt Clubs graphic designer Leslie Warren about her journey back into fitness. For the previous entry in this series, click here.

I’m back!!

If Yoga didn’t scare me, BODYFLOW definitely did. This was kind of my first official group fitness class that I had taken, not knowing what I was getting myself into. And turns out – not scary at all!Even if other people in the class had taken it before, they weren’t super crazy good at it and I didn’t make a fool of myself.

I mean, that was really my only hope for that class anyway.


I also took this class at my office gym. I was curious to try this since it was similar to Yoga and I didn’t want to get too crazy with my classes yet. Turns out BODYFLOW is a mix of Yoga, Tai Chi and Zumba. It was basically like a Yoga class, except you start out with some fast Tai Chi moves and then change muscle areas based on the songs playing, so you never have the same workout.

I really liked this because it was a fast workout that was difficult but we didn’t spend enough time on any one thing for me to feel like I was dying. I liked the workout so much that I went to Canton (my home club) to take it with Lauren.

I have found that, while I have my own preferred instructors, it’s also really helpful to take classes with different instructors. One instructor gave the advice that during a stretch, with every breath in, you sink lower into your stretch to improve. And another instructor gave advice on focusing your eyes on one object while balancing. I can take what I learn with one and apply it to another class with another instructor who teaches with different techniques.

You know what else I have found? A cute outfit really does make me want to work out. Cause I didn’t spend all this money on a cute shirt for no one to see it! And then I feel good and work out hard because obviously everyone is staring at me in this adorable shirt. I know it doesn’t matter what you wear, but I get why all these girls seem to only wear awesome yoga pants to the gym now. So for real, go get yourself something nice! (I recommend a tight shirt that won’t ride up when you’re trying to do Yoga.)

Class taken: BODYFLOW with Lauren @ Canton

Goals to achieve: Touch toes (getting there)

Get killer abs (they’re in there somewhere)

Be healthier (always a work in progress)

See what else I like after this

Pretentious Inspirational Quote: “When was the last time you did something for the first time?”