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3 Ways to Reward Yourself for Losing Weight

3 Ways to Reward Yourself for Losing Weight

bigstock-Girl-friends-shopping-for-clot-293323678Setting rewards for reaching your short term and long term weight loss goals is a good idea to boost your esteem and keep you on track. The problem is that you may not know what to give yourself as a reward once the prospect of food and food related products are removed from the equation. If this sounds like the predicament you are in, consider the following three rewards to use to stay on track with your health goals.

New Equipment

New equipment doesn’t have to be strictly in-home workout or gym equipment. New equipment can mean shoes for running, a new yoga mat, or even new indoor rock climbing gear. It all depends on what your workout routine is and what you want to do to advance that routine or enhance it. For example, if you do at-home workouts then you may want to invest in a new video series at certain goal points. You may also want to consider equipment cabinets or storage as well. This reward is all about enhancing the experience.

Day Spa or Massage

Sometimes workouts can leave you feeling tired and sore. You may even get to a point that you feel like you are running on empty all the time. This could be due to your schedule, the intensity of the workouts, and your routine overall. Regardless of the reason, you still need time to rejuvenate and get back to a point that you feel like stepping it up in the gym again. One of the rewards you can set for yourself is a day spa or massage treatment. A full body massage and day of relaxation can make a huge difference when it comes to your overall outlook on things. If you set this as a routine reward, you may find that you are able to take on more and have more energy as well.


New Clothing

If your weight loss journey and health routine centers around weight loss to fit into more clothes and look better while doing it, then new clothing may be an ideal reward. You can set the goal for a certain amount of weight loss or when your jeans start sliding off with no issue. Remember when you do this to get rid of the clothes that no longer fit. A simple swap of new clothes for old can release you from that old life of being overweight while donating the clothes to charity can help someone else in need.


These are just three of the many rewards you can use to stay on track with your health goals. Remember, if you find something you really like for your workouts, like running, then something like running shoes is an ideal goal and option. You may also want to consider more personalized items that fit your specific wants and desires rather than a general approach to your rewards system.