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Recipe Makeovers – Ways to Improve Ingredients and Make Healthy Swaps

Recipe Makeovers – Ways to Improve Ingredients and Make Healthy Swaps

bigstock-Portrait-of-happy-young-couple-309165370Cooking at home is a great way to incorporate healthy foods into your diet; however, reviewing recipe ingredients and instructions can have you questioning what is actually healthy and what is in need of a health makeover.  Here are six tips to aid your search for healthy recipes.

  • Cut the Cream: This means to go light on the Alfredo sauce, sour cream, cream cheese, and similar cream- or milk-based ingredients; There are several delicious substitutes that use Greek yogurt and have an added probiotic benefit.
  • Flavorful Cheese: Cheese is a much-loved addition to several dishes, but too much is not great for your heart or your waistline.  Opt instead for smaller amounts of more flavorful cheeses, such as feta or brie.
  • Spice Spice Baby!: Have recipes that call for excessive salt and/or butter? Cut back on these ingredients and add a plethora of spices.  Search similar recipes to find spices that go well with each particular meal and spice away!
  • Modify the Method: Words such as “saute” and “fry” typically involve excessive butter or oil.  Instead, bake, steam, or boil, and get creative with your cooking method.  For example, dipping chicken in eggs and seasoning, then whole wheat Panko bread crumbs, instead of frying chicken is a much healthier “fried chicken” recipe.
  • Vary Veggies: Just because you enjoy a recipe and there are not many healthy ingredients in it, doesn’t mean you can’t add them.  Add  vegetables to your favorite pasta, or use veggie noodles.  Try preparing the vegetables different ways such as adding a little feta or mixing it in with a chicken stew you enjoy.
  • Nature’s Candy: Sweeten dishes naturally with fruits.  The added fiber will keep you full longer and increase nutritional value.  Make desserts out of fruits such as frozen banana “ice cream” or baked apples and cinnamon.

Happy healthy eating! For more health tips and tricks Contact Us.