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5 Foods to Help You Last Through Group Fitness Class

5 Foods to Help You Last Through Group Fitness Class

Do you consider yourself relatively fit but still have trouble getting through an entire group fitness class? If so, the problem could be a matter of diet rather than a lack of resolve. With that said, try adding the following energy boosting foods to your menu rotation:

1.) Spinach Salad with Hard-Boiled Eggs

A fresh spinach salad topped with diced, hard-boiled eggs will give you a healthy dose of iron, protein and B vitamins. Thus, not only will they help give you enough energy to get through fitness class, they’ll also help you build muscle mass too.

2.) Oatmeal with Honey

If an energy-boosting breakfast is what your body craves, try a bowl of oatmeal drizzled with honey. In addition to getting much needed energy, the meal is also likely to help control your appetite and blood pressure. And who couldn’t use a little bit of those things during a group fitness class?

3.) Brown Rice with Almonds

Eating a bowl full of brown rice dressed up with a handful of almond silvers will help keep your energy up during group fitness class. That’s because they are jam packed with complex carbs, magnesium and Vitamin E. For an extra punch, you could always toss in energy producing lean protein and veggies.

4.) Tuna on Whole Wheat

Want to join a group fitness class in the afternoon? Give tuna salad on whole wheat a try. The whole wheat will add more complex carbs to your diet and the tuna salad will enhance your body’s cache of omega-3 fatty acids.

5.) Greek Yogurt with Blueberries

Lastly, a container filled with Greek yogurt and blueberries should help those legs moving throughout class too. They are rich in slow-acting proteins and antioxidants. So you can count on such a meal to help keep you focused and alert as well.

For more information on group fitness classes and nutritional tips that will help you get fit, please contact us at Merritt Athletic Clubs today. We have locations throughout Maryland.