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Healthy Lifestyle: 5 Reasons to Fill Your Basket with Blackberries

Healthy Lifestyle: 5 Reasons to Fill Your Basket with Blackberries

For everyone hoping to adopt or maintain a healthy lifestyle, the summer months are prime time to fill up baskets with blackberries. Despite their small size, the seasonal fruit really packs a sweet punch when it comes to nutritional value. To strengthen our position, here are five beneficial things that blackberries have in abundance:

1.) Vitamins and Minerals – Are you getting enough vitamins and minerals in your summer diet? If not, count on blackberries to help you satisfy your body’s craving for vitamins C, A and K as well as manganese.

2.) Phytoestrogen – Post menopausal and want to naturally balance your body’s hormones? Try eating blackberries. They are recognized as being rich in phytoestrogen, which tends to impact the human body in ways that are similar to the female hormone, estrogen.

3.) Ellagic Acid – Having problems with your circulation or want to boost your body’s antioxidant levels? A basket full of blackberries may be able to help with that too. That’s because they are also rich in ellagic acid.

4.) Anthocyanins – You can also count on the fruit to be loaded with anthocyanins. They are beneficial in many ways. For instance, recent studies have shown that they may help diabetics and those with inflammatory diseases control their conditions.

5.) Fiber – Lastly, we can’t discount the sweet, little bramble fruit’s inherent fiber content. And we all know how fabulous fiber can be for those looking to enjoy healthy lifestyles. It will likely improve your digestive health, help with weight management and lower your cholesterol. Plus, it may just help regulate your body’s blood glucose levels too.

Who knew such goodness could come from an ancient shrub? To learn more about berries and how to maintain a healthy lifestyle, please contact us. At Merritt Athletic Clubs, we have registered dietitians on staff and offer personalized nutrition services.