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5 Nutrition Tips for Eating More Fruits and Vegetables

5 Nutrition Tips for Eating More Fruits and Vegetables

bigstock-Happy-couple-shopping-fruits-a-61829261.jpgIf you like nutrition advice that’s easy and gives you lots of choices for delicious meals and snacks, there’s one place to start. Eat more fruits and vegetables. They’re low in calories, high in the nutrients your body needs, and they taste great.

Most experts recommend eating at least 7 servings a day of vegetables and fruits. That doesn’t take much effort when you keep a few tips in mind.

Start with breakfast. It’s easy to eat more produce when you get an early start. Enjoy a bean burrito or a kale and berry smoothie for breakfast. You can also eat soups and salads any time of day if you like them better than the usual breakfast fare.

Snack smart. Carry along your own treats so you’re not stuck with candy or chips from vending machines and convenience stores. Pack carrot sticks, yogurt drinks, and your very own healthy trail mixes.

Make salads into a meal. Vegetables can be a main course. Just adding a protein into your green salad makes a meal in minutes. Try beans, soynuts, or tofu, along with a tasty dressing.

Pick out a variety of colors. Different vegetables and fruits provide different nutrients so you want to eat a wide assortment. An easy way to cover all the bases is to choose a range of colors like green kale, orange carrots and purple eggplant. It makes your table look pretty too!

Be adventurous. Experiment with foods you’ve never heard of before. Online shopping, farmers markets, and ethnic restaurants and groceries give you more options than ever before. You might discover new favorites like chockberries and bitter melon.

At Merritt Clubs, we can help create a custom nutrition, fitness, and stress management plan just for you. Contact us to learn more about our wellness coaches and programs.