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18-25girls.jpgDear High school student;

I’m talking with my daughter over the holidays it hit me that all of you experience the same fears and worries. As you finish your high school years and move into the college years the worrisome freshman fifteen lingers in your minds.

Here are 7 tips I want you all to embrace for your health:

1. Stop saying the word “Fat”

2. Don’t diet – ever – eat healthy

3. Drink more water. Drink less pop

4. Eat less fast food

5. Find something you love (or at least tolerate) to be active 3-4 days a week

6. Quarterback your own health – don’t let others throw you off track. Us adults don’t always know best J

7. Talk nicely to yourself – it starts with you. Believe in yourself and see the beauty we all hold.

Well that’s it – I am proud of who my daughter has become and have learned a lot from her so this is one way when we work out that I can help her back. Figured it was worth all you hearing. To your future success.

Post by: Mark Miller
Vice President