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Achieve Your Fitness Resolutions for 2022

Achieve Your Fitness Resolutions for 2022


The season for making New Year’s resolutions will be quickly upon us. What are you hoping to change or create in 2022? For many of us, some aspect of improving our fitness is the motivating force behind our resolutions for the new year. If this is true for you, read on for tips on how to get real results and stay committed to your goals in 2022.

Why Most Resolutions Fail

People abandon their New Year’s Resolutions at a stunning rate. According to a study, less than half of participants stuck to their resolutions six months into the new year.

Why do so many people fail to meet their resolutions? The answers are simple. When we make resolutions, people tend to:

  • Set unattainable goals
  • Make resolutions that require radical changes
  • Commit to crash diets that result in rebounds

The top two most common New Year’s resolutions, according to a 2014 study, were losing weight and exercising more. These two resolutions accounted for 23% of all resolutions. Most of us have tried to achieve one or both of these things, and many of us know that they’re easier to start than to stick with. Resolutions relating to real, long-term change are difficult to achieve because they require true lifestyle adjustments, not temporary diets or other short-term efforts.

If you plan on committing to a fitness goal in 2022, we’ve got some tips for achieving your intentions, goals, and New Year’s resolutions for 2022.

Buddy Up

Having a partner to encourage you helps you stick to a plan, create and maintain new habits, and consistently adhere to new lifestyle changes.

Pick a partner who genuinely wants to see you succeed. While healthy competition is natural, the point is not to compete for who can lose the most weight or gain the most muscle. The best partner is someone with whom you share a mutual desire to be healthier.

When we have someone to witness the ups and downs of our journeys, it encourages accountability, because now we’ve added another person who is paying attention to whether we achieve our goals or fall short.

Having a buddy to work out with also lets you engage in more sports and activities like racquetball, and gives both of you an automatic spotter when lifting weights. Simply having an extra set of eyes can be the motivation we need to stick to the plan and achieve goals.

Set Achievable Goals

Set yourself up for success, not failure. Less than half of people who commit to losing weight or exercising more as a New Year’s resolution abandon the goal within six months. Creating achievable goals heightens your chances of success, and the more you succeed, the more motivated you are likely to feel.

Avoid Crash Diet

This rule of thumb is an extension of the previous one: setting reasonable expectations. If your resolution relates to your health, small wins are a big deal.

For those of us wanting to break a bad habit or lose some pounds, extreme diets cause a rebound effect and do not work in the long term. It’s all about long-term changes in lifestyle, and those changes don’t have to be revolutionary.


If your goal is to exercise more, tone specific muscle groups, or just improve overall cardiovascular health or flexibility in 2022, Merritt is here for you with state-of-the-art equipment at the clubs. You can also take advantage of any of the programs we have in store that can help you in your fitness journey like group fitness, aquatics, nutrition and wellness, personal and group training, and more!

Be Kind to Yourself

Everyone experiences hiccups and setbacks. Don’t let discouragement get in your way. You’ve got a whole year to make good on that resolution, so the important thing is to stick with it and give yourself some slack. Being too self-critical can easily lead to premature feelings of failure, which may cause you to quit out of frustration. Don’t fall into this trap.