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Let’s Get Physical (Virtually): Desk Workout

Let’s Get Physical (Virtually): Desk Workout


I admit it, my motivation is basically zero at the moment. All I want to do is open presents and eat pie. I don’t have time to be caring about working out. But at the same time, I really need to care about it because I feel awful and have no energy…

If you are experiencing this same senioritis-like feeling that I have, just waiting for the holidays to be here so you can have off work for a few days to drink your weight in eggnog and hot chocolate, this class is for you. Sherri Weinman’s desk workout class (found under the Workout category of the On Demand workouts) is only TWELVE MINUTES! You can do it on your lunch break in the office, in between zoom meetings at home, in the awkward tiny guest room at your in-laws house.

I know tensions are high, time is short (or long if at your in-laws…) and energy levels are dangerously close to completely drying up. That’s why I need to workout! On the days when I can barely get out of bed, I think the last possible thing I can accomplish that day is a workout. But if I push myself and do even a tiny one, I feel significantly better. And at times like this when my seasonal depression is kicking in and I am eating lots of unhealthy comfort food, I really need an endorphin boost.

This class is awesome for people who need to move or stretch their muscles and also get their blood flowing real quick. If you start your morning with it, you can wake up and have more energy to start your day. If you live in a tiny row home like me and have no room for a home office/office chair, you can still use any regular chair and get everything out of it that you need to.

Sherri will lead you through simple stretches and movements to loosen your muscles that have tightened or you haven’t used in a while. I tend to get more and more tense shoulder muscles throughout the day when I am dealing with stress at work, and I have been able to use a few of these stretches here and there to help stay relaxed.

Anyone can do these stretches, no matter their skill level – all of the movements are documented here in my photos so you can know what you are getting into.


It’s perfect for people who want to pretend they did a real workout today but really just online shopped on their phone while doing some sitting/standing movements. Except it isn’t pretend, you really did that, even if you also bought some dope shoes at the same time!

If you are doing these exercises because you are older and you need more low impact workouts, we have you covered at home and at our clubs. We have plenty of programs and classes for active agers.

Try it. Try it! You have twelve minutes in your day somewhere. I promise you will feel better. This class will leave you feeling relaxed and reinvigorated, no matter where you are or what challenges you face today.

Merritt Clubs On Demand is available to members and non-members. Click here for more info or to try it out free.