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How To Improve Body Composition, Health and Daily Performance

Reasons why you shouldn’t weigh yourself every day

There is an obsession with the number on the scale and people weigh in a lot in one day; when they wake up, before working out, after running, after a fitness class, after weight training, ...
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Brunette version – Chocolate SuperFood Protein Bar

And why do I picked this name (Superfood protein bar)? Because it has a lot of superfoods in the ingredients. They are all natural and are great to help you maintain a healthy weight, fight ...
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Healthy Protein Brownies – Sea Salt & Coconut meet Chocolate

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Healthy Puerto Rican Dish

MASHED GREEN PLANTAIN Here’s a trip to the Caribbean with a clean version of Puerto Rico’s favorite dish: Mofongo. This is one of my favorites, and I need to try it when I go home ...
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Plantar Fasciitis and Running

Finally nice weather is back in Baltimore. We want to get our running gear and go for a nice jog outside, or maybe train for your first 5k or long distance race. Running is a ...
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“Funky Monkey” Oatmeal

Some of my favorite clean foods are oatmeal with cinnamon, banana and almonds. And another one we can consider a clean food but need to be really careful with is… Dark Chocolate.
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Plantains and a Healthier Puerto Rican Dish

Plantains are like a banana but with less sugar and starchier. They are used a lot in the island of Puerto Rico and other Latin countries.
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