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How To Improve Body Composition, Health and Daily Performance

How To Improve Body Composition, Health and Daily Performance

Buenos Dias!

Concern For Muscle + Moderate Aerobic Exercise + Flexibility + Right Nutrition = Synergy

Combine all of these elements:

Strength training to maintain/increase muscle mass (read about the importance of working your muscles, here).

Aerobic exercise to strengthen your heart, cardiovascular system, improve circulation, endurance, help your body use oxygen better, lower your blood pressure, among so many benefits.

Stretching exercises to improve mobility, reduce chances of injuries, increase blood flow to your muscles, alleviate lower back pain cause by tight muscles, improve balance and coordination. All of these will help you perform better during your strength training and aerobic exercises. Stretch after your workouts and take a Yoga class at least once a week.

Good Nutrition: Keep in mind that Exercise impacts Nutrition needs and Nutrition impacts exercise. Learn how to eat healthier without eliminating all the important food groups, instead learn to pick all natural and nutrient-dense foods. The right energy will help your body with maintenance functions, improve your physical work, rebuild and repair after a strenuous workout.

*The food plate = all natural lean turkey burger (1/4 of the plate), mashed sweet potatoes (1/4 of the plate = 3 ounces), asparagus (1/2 of the plate). Sorry, I forgot to include my bottle of water.

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