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Weight Loss – The Feel Good Hormones!

Healthy Recipe of the week – Oatmeal Treat

Oatmeal recipe made in the oven
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Personal Trainer Baltimore – Why you should train like an athlete

I may be biased in my opinion but I think training like an athlete is the best way to train for any endeavor, for all populations. When I think of athletics I think of the ...
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Health Clubs Gym Baltimore

Monkey see Monkey DON’T do
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Gyms in Baltimore

I had just finished my workout at Towson when another member asked if I wanted to play a few rounds. I figured why not and I then proceeded to get schooled in Racquetball! Not that ...
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Strength Training Baltimore

We as fitness professionals have so many exercises to choose from, and it really is limited by our creativity. You go to any gym and see wacky things done by many different folks; Bands, big ...
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Group Fitness Classes

Many individuals are still not sure about group fitness classes or their environment. At first I would agree but after participating in many different classes I began to grow a fond liking to quite a ...
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How to figure out the Protein Puzzle

Many people know of the importance of protein in your diet. Simply put protein is the main source behind muscle building/maintenance. It does not have a huge “energy yield,” like carbohydrates and good fat sources ...
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Time to Jump In

The Biggest Loser Program at Merritt Athletic Clubs is back and ready to put you on track for 2011! This 12 Week Program includes 24 small group training sessions, before and after measurements, group challenge ...
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Merritt Athletic Clubs Debuts New “Merritt Minute” Video Series

Merritt Athletic Clubs, an industry and community leader in health and fitness, announced this week the launch of the “Merritt Minute” video series. The new series of tips, exercises and demonstrations will be showcased in ...
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You can’t handle the…

A few years ago my wife wanted to try a Body Pump class at Merritt when it was first introduced. She asked me to go with her. I was absolutely against it, but sucked it ...
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