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Zumba Challenge

Zumba at Canton

This class was heart pounding, exhilarating non-stop fun! I highly recommend this class to anyone, even if it’s your first time ever experiencing a group class. If you have no rhythm or if you are an advanced dancer this class is loaded with all sorts of unique movies, some of which you may see some pop stars perform. However, the best thing about it is… everyone has the same goal in mind. Burn lots of calories and have fun!

The Challenge

Now to the challenge… both Veronica and I thought we were safe starting out in the back behind everyone but little did we know shortly into a few moves we were dancing and spinning around in circles, so it didn’t really matter where we were standing. I think I burned more purely because I kept trying to catch up with our instructor Cynthia Chavez so in fact, I was actually moving twice as fast. All I have to say is Cynthia, you ROCK and good luck at the East Coast Dance Concert!

Veronica – 637 Calories Burned

Ray – 1047 Calories Burned (sorry Veronica, maybe next time…)

Try Zumba for free here!

A special thanks goes out to our awesome instructor Cynthia Chavez and Courtney for allowing me to try and follow her dance moves! Maybe I’ll see you at the Dance Concert!