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Group Fitness Classes Baltimore – Fit 360

Group Fitness Classes Baltimore – Fit 360

I wanted to let you know about our Group Fitness Program we have beginning March 7 in all of our Clubs. Fit 360 is a Six Week Program that will challenge you into trying all the different Classes we offer. The goal of this program is for you to take classes in five categories – Green- Mind/Body; Blue -Cardio Training; Red -Core Training; Orange – Strength Training; and Yellow -Sports Conditioning. Prizes, yes there are prizes you can win depending on your attendance of classes within the 6 weeks.

Level I – attend 10 Group Fitness Classes (2 from each category) Prize Fit 360 Stainless Steel Water Bottle

Level II – attend 10 additional Group Fitness Classes (2 from each category) Prize Fit 360 Performance Shirt

Level III – attend an additional 15 Group Fitness Classes (3 from each category) Prize Fit 360 Sling Bag

So how do you get started? Register at the Front Desk of the Club, you will need to choose a team (What is your group fitness passion? Core, Strength, Sports, Cardio, Mind/Body)

After you register, at the start of the Program, you will have a Fit 360 Chart with your name on posted outside the Group Fitness Studio. You will attend classes and your instructor will give you sticker based on which class you attended in one of the five categories.

Challenges – yes of course there are challenges….. March 26 and April 16! Attend one or both of these special classes and receive FIVE STICKERS one from each category! These challenges will push you to new levels of fitness! We are also offering a Special Event on April 5. All participants who bring a guest on this day will earn two stickers of their CHOICE!

Champions – yes of course there will be a Champion! The first participant to complete Level III at each club will be showcased in your club as the Fit 360 Champion with a certificate and photo. The winner will also receive a Workout Party of their choice with food and entertainment. The winner will choose their favorite class and instructor and invite all their friends to join the party!

Hope you join us for this Special Program….. If you have any questions, please contact your Group Fitness Director for your club! Take care and enjoy your Workout!!!