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I recently found myself unable to fit into the formal dress I bought right before Christmas that was perfect for a gala I was attending at the beginning of this month. The holidays had made it very difficult not to gain any weight. Not only did I want to fit back into the perfect dress I bought, I wanted to look fantastic in the dress.

I consider myself a fit person, I workout at least five times a week but I needed a good workout that would produce weight loss results fast. I had heard all the hype about P90x and the Insanity workouts but I am not the type of person to workout to a tape. I needed one on one attention that would really motivate me to see the weight loss results I needed.

I live in Baltimore so I wanted a program I could do that was close to my house so I would have no excuses. I heard about this great boxing workout that a trainer Ron Z at Fort Avenue did, so I thought I would give it a try. WOW, what a workout. Ron motivated me and drove me to go far beyond what I thought my potential was. I lost a dress size in 3 weeks and have never felt better or looked more tone.

Has anyone else done Ron’s boxing workout? If so what did you think?

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