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New Exercise Programs: Burn More Calories with Circuit Training

New Exercise Programs: Burn More Calories with Circuit Training

The best way to prevent plateaus and avoid losing interest in your exercise routine is to create a circuit. Completing circuits is time efficient, helps one stay motivated, promotes muscle growth, and keeps the workouts interesting. Choose from a series of strength (see my top ten benefits below) and or cardio exercises to maximize your workouts and see results.

Now, it’s not always easy finding a plan let alone the right exercises that will work for you. You will see in the pictures below examples of a circuit series that Kelly Whalen, a Merritt Personal Trainer, and I used to demonstrate. Some exercises are more advanced and others can be modified to fit your performance level. Also, always be sure to warm-up and stretch before and after any workout (running, strength training, swimming, biking etc.). This will not only help increase flexibility but will reduce injury and increase performance.

These exercises are performed two or three times with little or no rest between sets.

Ten Benefits of Strength Training:

  1. Increases self-confidence & self esteem
  2. Helps you sleep better
  3. Gives you more energy
  4. Helps you lose those unwanted inches
  5. Tones & firms up your muscles
  6. Reduces blood pressure
  7. Reduces stress
  8. You’re in control of your weight
  9. Increases metabolic rate
  10. Strengthens the heart

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