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Fall Fashion Trends That Will Make Your Pajamas Jealous

Fall Fashion Trends That Will Make Your Pajamas Jealous

fall fashion pajamasShout out to anyone who has noticed a new divot in your couch, perfectly formed to your posterior. This blog is dedicated to you and all of the couch cushions that will never be fully fluffed up again.

With this pandemic, most of us have spent a lot more time at home. Many of us have noticed an increase in eating out of boredom, TV watching, and time spent in our pajamas (or my favorite Sailor Moon tee and 15-year-old high school track sweat pants…) For those who are able to work from home, you may benefit from a sense of security during an uncertain time, but along with it, possibly a deep depression fueled by lack of exercise, lots of pizza, and not being able to tell one day from the next.

I am here to tell you that I have been there, my friend! I have gained weight, lost energy, and wondered what it used to feel like to have the will to get out of bed. But nothing gets me excited like a project, so here’s a new one – start a new routine!

For me, this routine is centered around clothes because I miss wearing nice outfits every day. If a full day passes where I feel no need to put on real pants, man that is a boring day. And while I relish the idea of not having to wake up an hour before work to put on make-up and all that, I am also sick of the monotony!

At the beginning of summer, I came to realize that I could no longer wear the same gross clothes every day for a week anymore because when I walked the dogs, I would become drenched in sweat, and pretty smelly. I started putting on real clothes every morning to walk the dogs, and you know what? I was actually more awake and excited for the day when I did this! It’s like I was preparing to go somewhere even though that was just around the block. Once I started to feel a little more excited about my days, I started writing a list of outfits I liked, and I would wear my favorites on days that I especially needed a pick-me-up. Even if the only person who saw me in it was my neighbor waving from across the street, it made me feel less like the days were pointless and dragging on from night to day without change.

Along with this, I realized I needed to get back into working out! I get a rude awakening to this whenever my hip hurts because if I am too sedentary, it starts to throb. My hip had been killing me for weeks, so I decided to get my butt in gear. I’ve spent too much free time online shopping for clothes I obviously don’t need right now, and I wanted to fill that time with something productive. I put on my favorite workout gear, some awesome music, and went for a run. I couldn’t be more excited that Merritt is launching its virtual classes soon too, so I have more options of things to do when insomnia hits me and I need to do something active at 2am.

So here is my challenge to you: GET DRESSED! Get dressed every day. Make a game of it, come up with the best outfit you can. Come up with the worst outfit you can. Come up with the best fall-themed adorable sweater/boot combo. Wear your S.O.’s clothes. Turn off the heat when it gets cold so you can put your scarves to good use. Have a Friends moment and wear your wedding dress while watching tv. Your pajamas will still be there when the day is over.

And here’s a fun way to pass the time and get your butt out of the groove of that couch: Pick a type of commercial so that every time one plays on tv, you have to do a quick exercise. I chose pizza commercials because if I sit there and watch pizza for 30 seconds, I will immediately order pizza. Every time I saw that delicious bubbly cheese on carb-filled goodness, I dropped to the floor and did 10 burpees. It sucks, but it works!