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bigstock-Five-friends-enjoying-a-hike-i-134753294.jpgFall is in full swing and it may be one of the best times of the year with all the colorful sunrises, cooling temps, football, changing leaves, local 5Ks, apple cider and Fall festivals.

Fall is also in full swing at Merritt. Look, we can’t control the headlines, the debates or the rest of the world. We can, however, control our attitude, our actions and our ability to live fit.

So join us in changing the dialogue from what we disagree about to what we can all agree on.

Live life to the fullest today and tomorrow.

Eat well. Move more. Smile often. Change your actions to change your life.

Put down your device. Shut off the TV.  Connect with people. Get involved in one of our new classes, new offerings or simply reconnect with friends.

Get out for a hike or a bike or a walk with your family.

Take a trip to the farmer’s market. Plant some mums.

Go to a Ravens game and then be inspired to score your own win in your own workout.

Build your strength. Improve your health. Live your life free of aches, pains, fear or whatever ails you.  Make your health your priority – now, not tomorrow. This is the season of change. This is your time, your season.  Don’t wait for the new year – take action today.

With love, Mark Miller, Merritt Athletic Clubs