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Five Reasons Why Yoga Rocks

Five Reasons Why Yoga Rocks

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Most people have heard of yoga, but there are many misconceptions about it. Some people think it isn’t really a workout or that it’s all about the emotional well-being and not physical well-being. While it can be about mental exercise, that doesn’t negate the fact that it’s also good physical exercise. Let’s talk about five reasons why yoga rocks!

1. You will stretch muscles that you didn’t even realize you could stretch. Sounds silly, right? Tell that to the inside of your thighs after doing these inner thigh toning exercises. It is quite easy to target areas that traditional exercises don’t with yoga.

2. You will feel silly, but eventually, you will also improve your balance. Does your downward dog topple over? Don’t worry about it, just laugh it off and keep trying! Eventually, you will find that your balance has greatly improved.

3. Mental wellness can indeed be achieved through yoga. We know that getting our endorphins going helps with things like pain and depression. Exercise helps increase these lovely endorphins, and yoga definitely counts as exercise! There is also a component to yoga that focuses on breathing techniques which also improve our mental well being. Also, usually a yoga routine ends with a cool down which includes lying still and relaxing. Being able to achieve this status, where you let your mind rest and just relax, is also a fantastic way to deal with stressful situations in general.

4. Doing yoga with your family and friends can be really fun! Are you trying to get grandma more active? Teach her some yoga moves, there are plenty that can be modified for any level of ability. Are your kids bored and bouncing around? Show them how to do the lotus position or challenge them to see who can hold a one leg standing position longest!

5. Challenge yourself at your own pace! There are beginner, intermediate and more advanced techniques. You might fly through the beginner poses and then find intermediate poses a bigger challenge. The more you practice, the more poses you will be able to do! There’s no competition though, it is all about your own practice and skill levels. You will find yourself eye-rolling at those who think yoga isn’t a true workout though, it definitely is!

These are a few reasons why yoga rocks, but if you ask anyone who has tried yoga they will probably sum it up in one sentence: yoga is fun! So give it a try, it’s definitely worth it. Merritt has classes for all experience levels – check out our yoga page here.