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Four Things You Should Be Doing Prior To A Race or Competition

Four Things You Should Be Doing Prior To A Race or Competition

For those of you who express their fitness competitively in other ways such as triathlons, a 5k race or even a marathon, there are a few things you should do to have yourself in top shape come game day.

1. Rest
All of the training and hard work you have done over the past  few months has prepared you for this day. Make sure you don’t waste it by having your body banged up from another week of hard training. The work is already done. Who you are the week leading up to your event, is the same person you will be the day of the event. Taper down your training and allow yourself a few days to rest or do some active recovery to ensure you are at your best.

2. Set a low goal, and a high goal.
You should go into an event with a set of goals in mind. First, set a low goal. Depending on your level of experience this goal can be something as simple as not finishing in last, or matching your previous personal best in that event. Then, set a high goal. This should be a goal that if you were to show up and perform at your peak performance, you would be able hit. Again, depending on your level of experience this could vary to a certain time you want to achieve, or a certain place you want to finish.

3. Fuel Up
What you put in your body is the fuel you will have to burn when you need it most. The day prior to your event should have a nice full breakfast and lunch. Your dinner should consist of easy to digest carbohydrates, some protein and try to avoid foods that are high in fat. Also, don’t forget to hydrate. Try to have two glasses of water the night before so you don’t go to bed dehydrated. On game day, don’t forget to eat again. If you are doing a distance race, top off the gas tank with some additional carbs a few hours before start time to ensure you have fuel throughout the race. If you have a day of shorter bursts of high intensity like you see at fitness competitions, make sure you eat throughout the day. I’ve found sweet potatoes, greens, eggs and protein shakes to be useful.

4. Have Fun
Don’t forget to have fun. We take on these challenges for a number of reasons. Whatever your reason is, don’t forget why you started in the first place. There are a lot of important problems in the world, so try to keep everything in perspective. Then when you’re ready, make adjustments to your training and get back at it!