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IMG_0299.jpgI am IN!!!!

“Are you in?” is the tagline for Tribe Team Training and boy am I ever!! I wrote about my first day experiencing Tribe and now 6 weeks later all I can say is WOW!!  If you remember I was having trouble kicking my workout up a few notches and now I have never been happier with the results I am seeing. 

If you haven’t heard about Tribe, it’s a 6-week small group training program.  The first week I managed to go twice but after that I was hooked and I carved time out of my schedule to do 3 times a week.  I have NEVER stuck to a program like this before.  My problem in the past was it was easy for me to say “Oh I’ll do it later” then of course, like many of us, “later” never came. Not with Tribe. The same days and times worked for my core group so it was always the same people in my sessions. Guess what???….I didn’t want to not show and disappoint the others.  So “doing it later” was not an option. They held me accountable without even knowing. In 6 weeks we all formed fitness bonds that were stronger than I expected. We all motivated each other when we thought we couldn’t push any harder. 

The author doing Tribe while wearing a GoPro at the Ravens Under Armour Performance Center

The workout routine was different every day so it was never like your body got used to something so it became super easy for you.  Each workout was a challenge and I always felt like I gave my all for each session. I looked forward to each new session to see if I could push myself to do the new exercises. I learned so much. A lot of the work out I can do at home-and I did a few times-but there is nothing like having the motivation of the others to keep you going.  Now I get why they call it “Tribe”. 

I am officially a member of the Tribe for life.  I can’t wait until Season 7.  I strongly encourage anyone who has not tried Tribe to sign up for the free week October 31st to November 5th.  It’s absolutely free so you have nothing to lose.  You will be hooked.  If you are looking to step up your workout and need help with accountability, try this.  I think everyone has to try Tribe at least once.