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Blog Home Group Fitness Wellness Nutrition Training Workout Tips, my name is Kelly Bryant and I’m the head of our Sports Specific Training Program (SST) here at the Merritt Athletic Clubs in Towson. 

In my 8+ years as a coach, high school and recreational sports have allowed me to see athletes up close (especially football, wrestling, and track & field). It has also taught me that, a lot like coaching, it’s all about teaching. When I can help athletes achieve their goals, and they actually see the fruits of their labor, it gives them so much confidence on and off the field.  When the athlete feels confident they will play confident and that leads to optimal performance. 

Our SST Program is built on the premise of (1) getting the student athlete ready for their upcoming season, and (2) injury prevention. During the off-season we will develop training sessions depending on the sport, season and athletic level of each athlete.  When training begins, we will start off with a physical assessment of the athlete which involves body composition, core strength, upper and lower body, and speed agility test. That gives us a baseline so we know where to start and how to best help the athlete.

Our main focus is and always will be injury prevention. Our athletes will, during their group or private sessions, mimic the movements of their specific sport. There have been studies done on how sports specific training can prevent hamstring and knee injuries especially in women’s sports. The National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) has gathered statistics over a three year period in the early 90’s showing that women suffered anterior cruciate ligament injuries more often than men, nearly 4 times as often in basketball, 3 times as often in gymnastics, and nearly 2 and a half times as often in soccer. A good strength training and stretching can help prevent ACL tears as the season goes on.

Greg Woody (one of my trainers) and I believe that the real season starts in the off-season. With the right training, nutrition, and dedication, your student athlete will reach his or her full athletic capability.

We will be holding demos in the month of November so be on the lookout. I will be posting the dates online.

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