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Kids’ Fitness: Great Ways for the Kids to Have Fun in the Water

Kids’ Fitness: Great Ways for the Kids to Have Fun in the Water

Great times await you and other families that sign up for a Merritt Athletic Clubs’ membership this year. That’s a given. What you might not be so sure about is how to make the most of our heated pool with the kids. After all, the little ones do tend to get restless rather quickly. So we’ve compiled a few pool-rific, kids’ fitness ideas that you might want to take under advisement. They’re geared towards kids 8 years of age and younger and are useful in a variety of watery settings:

Words on the Water

Why not pack a bag filled with Disney Baby Bath Books and let the kids enjoy reading about their favorite characters while they sit in the shallow end of the pool or float on top of the water? Understandably, the books are waterproof and the pages won’t normally stain if the kids accidently spill sunscreen onto them. The list of characters featured in the books includes, but doesn’t end with Ariel, Woody, Mickey, Donald and Nemo.

Curious Oysters Game

If your children are fans of the Disney Movie, The Walrus and the Carpenter, you might want to play the Curious Oysters game. It involves dumping ping pong balls or snap-and-lock beads into the pool and challenging the kids to collect as many as they can in a given time. Tell them that the ping pong balls or beads are pearls. That way, at the end of the game, they can use the balls to make pearl necklaces.

Sponge Build and Toss

A few household sponges also have the potential to keep the kids busy for a half hour or so. Let them try and build castles or other dwellings with the sponges first. Afterward, they could take the sponges into the pool and use them to play any number of games. Examples include sponge tosses, sponge relay swim races, dodge sponge and a watery version of flag football. To discuss these watery activities further or uncover more kids’ fitness ideas, please contact us today.