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Kids Fitness: How to Keep Kids Physically Active

Kids Fitness: How to Keep Kids Physically Active

 As many parents out there know, obesity is a very real physical ailment that many cope with on a daily basis. Obesity is not only capable of decreasing people’s self-esteem, but obesity can also cause other physical problems as well, such as: type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, stroke, and quite a few other life threatening health problems. Fortunately for any parents out there who have any worries about their kids experiencing childhood obesity, obesity is a physical condition that can be prevented and even treated.

    Although it is very important to encourage children to eat healthy foods in adequate portions, it is also necessary to encourage good exercising habits. If you start while your children a young, kids fitness is very easy for children to become excited about. Even if good fitness habits haven’t been taught to kids early in life, there is never a bad time to begin teaching some beneficial exercise habits to children. For those of you who don’t know where to begin, the following paragraphs will be discussing how to encourage kids fitness. 


    As your children grow older, you may come to the realization that your kids aren’t getting as much physical exercise as they did when they were younger. One way you can remedy this is to sign your children up for sports. For children who enjoy sports or other physical activities, there will undoubtedly be no complaint from them about joining a sports team. They will be able to get the physical exercise they need to stay healthy while making some lifelong friends and adopting moral values that will be able to help them in all areas of their life.

   However, what if you have a child who isn’t very interested in sports or any other physical activities? One reason that children often dislike the idea of sports is because sports can sometimes be too competitive. Children may also not like the idea of a coach constantly barking orders at them. One way to fix this issue is to simply discuss with coaches their philosophies. Another thing you could try is signing your child up for sports activities at your local YMCA. Many of those sports programs are often uncompetitive.  

Family Fitness

   Another way to be sure that children are getting an adequate amount of exercise is to make exercising a family activity. Even children who aren’t that wild about physical activity will enjoy spending time with the whole family. To ensure that kids become more involved in staying fit, allow them to become more involved when it comes to planning out physical activities. Whether they decide on just a simple walk through the park, some fun sport with the family, or even just a game of tag, a little bit of exercise for at least forty minutes a day can make all the difference when it comes to staying fit and fighting childhood obesity.

Lead By Example

   Lastly, an important method you can use to motivate kids to get more exercise is to simply lead by example. If kids see Mom and Dad munching on unhealthy foods and neglecting their physical exercise, kids will follow their example. On the other hand, however, if kids see their parents eating healthy, correctly portioned meals and getting the proper exercise, then kids will soon follow suit. 

    Although ensuring that kids get the proper exercise can be a rather challenging task, proper exercise for kids (and parents) is a great way to fight obesity and teach kids some healthy, lifelong habits that will not only help kids’ self-esteem, but it can also help to prevent many life threatening diseases. If you have any questions or concerns about kids fitness, please don’t hesitate to contact us