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Let’s Get Physical (Virtually): Pilates

Let’s Get Physical (Virtually): Pilates


Dying to get outside and soak up the last bit of non-freezing weather? Try a 30-minute Beginner Pilates class with Kimm Kerr! You can learn this cute new stretch called puppy pose, which of course I had to do with my puppy, while she destroyed her favorite toy and got slobber all over my workout area. She’s so cute!

This class is a perfect, short workout so you can get on with your day without feeling drained. It’s also nice for beginners or just plain lazy people. That’s not to say this class isn’t hard or doesn’t make your muscles scream! I just mean it’s perfect for lazy people (eh hem, me) who just want to lay down. This class is done entirely on your mat!

The whole class felt like that part of a yoga class when you are finishing up with floor stretching before you can just lay there with your eyes closed half asleep. So, it was relaxing for me even though it was real work. And her calming music was relaxing as well.

As you can imagine since this was all on the mat, the class consists of a lot of core work, and it incorporated a lot of active work that also stretched your muscles, so I felt great afterwards. It was very low impact, which makes it perfect for anyone who has an injury or wants a strength-focused workout that isn’t hard on their body. There were no weights required either.

I learned a lot of new moves in this workout that I hadn’t tried before, which I always enjoy because it keeps my muscles working hard. I’ve learned that doing the same workouts over and over causes your muscle memory to take over so your muscles don’t improve past a certain point; pushing yourself to add weight/resistance or doing new exercises keeps the muscles working hard.

If you struggle to stay motivated or are kinda nervous to try new things like this class, I recommend going to a group fitness class with some friends. You can even book your own private group fitness class for a fun event! These classes are available at White Marsh, Towson, Canton, and Fort Avenue. To learn more email Amelia for a class at Canton or Fort Avenue, or Kara for a class at White Marsh or Towson.

So, get out there (or in cause it’s cold out) and try something new! I like this workout because it’s quick and gets your workout done fast on those days where you just can’t spend long on it. This one will keep you on your toes (but not literally cause it’s all done on your back or hands and knees.)

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