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Let’s Get Physical (Virtually): Power Yoga

Let’s Get Physical (Virtually): Power Yoga


“I want you to feel strong, powerful, and flexible.”

That’s how Sherri started this 60-minute Power Yoga class, and I think it is the perfect representation of what the class does for you.

If you have never taken a yoga class, I will say that you probably shouldn’t start here. Power Yoga is designed to be a higher-level class for people who want to work more on balance, flexibility, and strength. This class moves at a much faster pace than traditional yoga, you will often find in this class that you move with each breath out and in, so knowing what most yoga poses already are will help a lot.

I am a big Power Yoga lover. I like that it helps my muscles stretch and recover, while also being little more active and building strength. This class feels like I am working out while also recovering, so I can kill two birds with one stone and then go home to ruin it with a longer Love Island binge.

If you have taken yoga before and are ready for the next step, then fear not! Power Yoga is a bigger challenge, but it is definitely not reserved for experts. Like every class, there are always modifications you can to make it easier or harder, and Sherri also takes the time to explain what the proper form of your pose should look like based on your range of motion.

I really enjoyed Sherri’s class, some Power Yoga classes spend half the class doing the same flow over and over, but Sherri had many different poses and flows to work your whole body. She did some core exercises as well, which I always appreciate. I also appreciated that she gave lots of opportunities to challenge yourself with more difficult modifications like half and full-binds, and all of it was done to music that helped me stay mentally present in the class!

She also moved us down to the floor for about 15 minutes of work, which helps me slow down and focus on muscle engagement and breathing. It ended with a good 5-minute Savasana, during which she guided you through breathing. I always prefer guided meditation because it helps me focus on being in my body and letting my mind wander, so I felt like the whole class time was well spent. I did this class outside on my patio one beautiful night, and it helped me feel really connected to nature and unplugged for a bit.

Sherri’s parting words were, “think about three things that you’re grateful for. Hold those close, hold those dear. Whenever you start to feel stressed and worried, think about those three things.” Great advice for bringing your mind back to that calm state you spent the hour-long class working toward in my opinion! I loved how this class gave me everything I needed for my body to feel good AND gave me something to keep my mind clearer for the whole day.

If you love yoga like I do but really struggle with being mindful and present, consider getting a Mindfulness Coach! Mindfulness is a workout for the awareness muscles and helps cultivate space between thoughts and reactions. This would be great to do in conjunction with a regular yoga practice to work on focusing your mind and being present in your body.

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