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Look Younger and Feel Better: The Natural Way

Look Younger and Feel Better: The Natural Way

Why are the majority of us wasting time and money being pinched and prodded, as we search for the perfect “age-defying” cream? More times than not, we’re left feeling hopeless as we anxiously await the next new product, promised to make our skin less wrinkly. As these products prove to fail us time and time again, we can’t help but think of new alternatives to changing both our bodies and our lives. What if this transformation could be made by making small changes without depending on different medicines and surgeries?

bigstock--192329068.jpgIncrease Your Energy

We already know it’s important to get a good night’s rest, but how rested are you? Sometimes, we find it difficult to fall asleep after a tough day, tossing and turning as we fill our heads with the obligations of tomorrow. Relax, take a deep breath, and utilize this time for sleep. Breaking away from life’s busy schedules and feeling fully rested will increase your life span while also leaving you with more energy to conquer these tasks.

Improve Your Body

“Eat your fruits and vegetables,” something that is always easier said than done. The truth is, by adding food items that are high in Vitamin C to our diet, we are helping our bodies create a helpful protein called “collagen.” Collagen aids in maintaining healthy hair, skin, nails, joints and more (“What is Collagen?,” 2017). On a more obvious note, eating well can also reduce the possibility of getting sick. Try avoiding aches, pains and the common cold by slowly improving your diet.

Gain Your Confidence

How many of you have found yourself looking deeply into the mirror, trying your best to understand how your appearance has changed so drastically with each passing year? You question if these changes are the reason behind the negative perception you have of yourself, as you try your hardest to work out a viable solution. According to, Frank Frisch, PhD., director of kinesiology at Chapman University, says exercise “puts your body in a state of arousal into vitality, resulting in a greater sense of well being” (Crain). So, with exercise you can increase your heart rate and maintain a healthy lifestyle helping you to feel better and look better.

Revive Your Skin

This may or may not seem surprising, but some of the blemishes that appear on your face have been correlated with a lack of exercise. For those who exercise regularly, they find their skin feeling more smooth and fresh. According to WebMD, theories have proven that exercise increases your blood flow, allowing your body to nourish and cleanse skin cells (Jaret). While you may be hooked on skin cleansing creams, give exercise a try and rejuvenate your skin cells the natural way.

Avoid Age Related Illnesses

Let’s face it—we’re all afraid of the health conditions that accompany aging. My advice to you, don’t be. Exercise has proven to have the ability to decrease inflammation, which often leads to serious health concerns (Radcliffe, 2016). Be in control of your body and work to maintain it and keep it youthful.


It’s never too late to take advantage of these natural remedies for feeling younger. Stop listening to the advertisements filling your papers, television channels, and radio segments, all of which promise to lead to a rejuvenated you. By following the remedies listed above, you can take back your life without spending a dime.

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