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Diary of a Fitness Newbie: OMG Becky Look At Her Glutes!

Diary of a Fitness Newbie: OMG Becky Look At Her Glutes!

So I accidentally took Soul Body Power this week. Or maybe not really accidentally, but I signed up for Power Yoga and then saw that it was for intermediate-advanced fitness levels, got freaked out, and signed up for Soul Body Power ten minutes before it started. The good thing was, it was only 30 minutes so I could still get home before my boyfriend, leaving me time to binge on ice cream without his judgment (or worse, wanting to SHARE!).

I hadn’t had the chance to find out about this class was so I felt ill-prepared, other than having brought my yoga mat. The class was great though! It was quick intervals of different muscle groups where you may do 30 seconds of lunges and then take a 10 second break before you do it again. Then we would move on to say, planks. It was a great workout for only being 30 minutes. I didn’t feel like I had an easy day or my muscles missed out on a tough workout at all.

I think it also was a good mix of all the muscles, where I feel like some classes focus more on arms and legs, this class did everything. I often wish some of the classes did a tad more core workouts (although maybe I am just not doing a good job of engaging my core the way you’re supposed to). This class did just enough of everything that my whole body felt it. And my glutes were definitely sore the next day! Maybe that was partly because my butt was still recovering from the bike seats in cycle class though…


But my friend said my butt looked good in my jeans the next day without me even fishing for a compliment, so that means it definitely worked right?! I have actually been getting compliments left and right lately. Maybe it’s because I have been working out more and it’s giving me endorphins, or maybe it’s because I just feel good, but I have been happier lately too and I think that has knocked my attractiveness score up a point or two. I have had people flirting with me way more often now! (My boyfriend is pretty excited about that part.) But it makes me feel good, then I go work out which makes me I look good and feel even better, so I smile more and then it happens more! It’s very exciting to be hit on when you are wearing sweatpants and no make up while smelling like B.O. Check out the awesome pic of me! That’s me! I have muscles now!

So I will definitely be going back to this class. Nicole Doenges, the instructor, was engaging and tried to make sure everyone would come back to class the next week. She even walked with me to my car and talked to me about the class and how I was definitely capable of doing Power Yoga after taking her class. She was a very personable instructor who I want to take again, and also be her friend, because she is cool! I definitely don’t have the excuse of not having time for a class if I can do this much in 30 minutes.


Class taken: Soul Body Power with Nicole @ Canton

Goals to achieve: Touch toes (check!)

Get killer abs (working on it)

Be healthier (always a work in progress)

Get better shoes that don’t suck

Quote About Me: “I am big enough to admit I am often inspired by myself.” – Leslie Knope