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Make a Healthy Lifestyle a Family Resolution for 2016

Make a Healthy Lifestyle a Family Resolution for 2016

So you’re already thinking ahead to the New Year, and for many people that means making some changes to achieve a healthy lifestyle.  For most people, the resolution is an individual one, but why not make it a family decision?  Not only is there more success with a built-in support system, but it can be more fun too.

Most people think the gym is just for adults, but with the increasing awareness of Type 2 Diabetes in children, getting healthy is not just for grown-ups.  Families who are active together are going to be healthier, stronger, and less stressed.

So what can families do at the gym?  Consider swimming as a group activity.  Not only is it great exercise, but it’s an easy sport to make fun with races or silly contests.  

Merritt Athletic Clubs have special programs just for kids.  In addition to swimming, there are offerings such as karate, zumba, sports, fitness classes, and gymnastics to get kids moving, and having fun too.  And if the kids want to go to the gym, then parents get to go too.

So instead of taking kids to activities and sitting there browsing on your phone or flipping through a magazine, this is your chance to get healthy with them!  Adults can take advantage of all the equipment for strength or cardio training, as well as take classes in yoga or Pilates. 

Whether you’re in downtown Baltimore or in the suburbs, contact us to find the location near you.  Bring your family and make a healthy lifestyle a priority in 2016.