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Screen_Shot_2016-02-15_at_10.01.38_AM.pngMotivation may seem rather complicated to people about to embark on a new exercise program. Somewhere deep inside, you have what it takes to improve your choices and achieve a healthy life. You might feel uncertain that you have the required level of motivation. If you stick to a program, however, you will slowly see results.

Any exercise plan that increases your activity level and motivates you to consume a healthier diet produces overall health benefits. From having more energy to greater agility, you’ll feel younger and more able to tackle daily life through an exercise plan.

Before you get discouraged, keep in mind you may not see an instant drop on the scale. Because the power of your thinking is going to be a deal maker or deal breaker, consider these five ways you’re overthinking motivation.

  • First thing: You use yesterday’s achievement as today’s excuse. You know you should go to the gym today, but you just walked 9 miles yesterday, and so you don’t go. Should yesterday’s efforts suffice for today? Absolutely not. Get into the gym. Stick with your program.
  • Second thing: You want results in an unrealistic period of time. It’s easy to burn out on overdoing workouts in the first few weeks. Stick with the advice of your doctor and personal trainer. Results will come. Each body is different. 
  • Third thing: You want to change the actions in the middle of a new exercise program. Inside your head, you may overthink how many minutes you will exercise today or how many reps you will complete on the leg press machine. You worked with a trainer to develop a personalized exercise plan for a reason. Even if the trainer is not present, follow his or her recommendations. Don’t change the actions or you change the plan.
  • Fourth thing: You cannot be motivated enough. While the power of positive thinking can psyche you up to follow an exercise plan, it’s important to give muscles periods of rest. If your trainer says exercise a muscle group once a week, that’s what you do. 
  • Fifth thing: You look unhealthy in the mirror, but feel energetic on the inside. Again, the results will take time, but you should start sleeping better and feel motivated to eat better and keep exercising because your lifestyle change is positive.

Good luck with your desire to achieve a healthy life. Every step you take will help you effect a total lifestyle change. Please contact us for more information.