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Revamp Your New Year’s Resolution and Spring Into Better Health

Revamp Your New Year’s Resolution and Spring Into Better Health


I think we’re all guilty of “falling” into the uphill battle of life during winter, or getting sucked into making our own health a second priority. And with more than 68% of Americans being classified as obese or overweight (with those diets we started, 95% regained lost weight after just one year), it’s becoming more obvious our attempts of weight loss/management need to change directions in order to see long term success.

It’s the little changes that we make every day that lead to long term success. Success comes from putting small things on top of small things on top of small things. The key to success is found in your daily routine. Whether that’s waking up an hour early in the morning to get a workout in or taking the dog for a walk when we usually watch TV. It’s those little wins we need to give ourselves credit for. Making a lifestyle change is hard and can be very difficult for most of us because let’s be real, life happens but it doesn’t have to hinder our mindset. What we think we become and if we just take the time every week to write new goals; whether that’s to make it to the gym just twice this week or to try to eat more protein. Goals fuel us, motivate us and keep us focused on what we really want.

PS: The likelihood of us achieving our goal is 75% just by writing it down.

EMBRACE YOUR STRUGGLE: “The struggle you’re in today is developing the strength you need for tomorrow.” Remember the things in life that are the most rewarding won’t be easy to achieve, but just think about how you will feel when you get there! Envision yourself achieving your goal and know you are worthy of great things! We’re all on our own journeys but we can all learn something from each other and support each other along the way.

Need help with goal setting? Schedule your Results Sessions with a trainer to help REVAMP your motivation for the upcoming summer months! If White Marsh is your home club contact Kimberly Webster, CPT at to get on the fast track to accomplishing any goal!